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Compelling Reasons to Use Keyword Research in Your Next Marketing Campaign

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A key goal of marketers is to assure that every interaction with your brand leaves your audience with positive emotions—whether you're solving a problem, understanding a need, or commiserating with a shared challenge. These emotional ties are what build long-term loyalty with a brand, but it's nearly impossible to form this level of attachment unless marketers are listening closely at all times. Choosing words that your audiences are already using is one way of showing that you're hearing them and is also why keyword research is so important in creating engaging, two-way conversations.


Most marketers are familiar with market research for determining the most applicable keywords for SEO and SEM, but did you know that the value of keywords goes far beyond this limited usage? Smart use of keywords helps prospects find your business from a search engine. What you may not realize is that social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are now some of the largest search engines in the world—with people skipping over Google and Bing to go directly to the type of information they wish to view. Breaking news is something you'd likely search for on Twitter, while how to make that perfect fold on your napkins is something you would find on Pinterest.

Clustaar ConsultationKeywords on Social Media

From trending topics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to pins on Pinterest, social media has a strong relationship with keywords used in a natural setting. Understanding your customers means knowing what they're searching for and incorporating that information and keywords into the metadata of your blog posts, landing pages and status updates. That doesn't mean keyword-stuffing, something that search engines frown upon, but natural use of keywords that will compel your audience to accept your marketing as relevant content.

Scannable Content

When you're searching for information on a particular topic, you're much more likely to scan through an article or post to determine whether or not it's pertinent to your request. Sprinkling appropriate keywords throughout your messaging reinforces to your prospects that you understand their needs and are solving their problem or answering their questions. Plus, search engines will love the fact that visitors are finding valuable content and clicking to learn more—thus rewarding you with the Holy Grail of marketing: organic traffic.

It's easy to boost quality scores with search engines, social platforms and most importantly with your customers and prospects. When you use keywords, synonyms and related terms in your posts, you'll reap the long-term benefits of doing the research. Increase the focus of your marketing and reinforce your brand message while improving your relationship with your customers.

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