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Keyword Research 101: What is it and Why is it Important?

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When organizing your digital marketing strategy and SEO, you likely keep hearing terms like "keywords" and "key phrases." For online marketing, the first fundamental step in developing a successful SEO strategy is implementing effective keywords, but what are these exactly and how do they relate to your marketing strategy?

What are keywords?

What exactly is a keyword? It's a specific word or phrase that someone types into a search engine. They define what your content is about. You should boil everything on your page — images, video, copy, etc. — down to simple words and phrases, aka your primary keywords.

As a website owner and content developer, you want the keywords on your page to relate to what people are searching for so they have a better chance of finding your content among the results.

Why are keywords important?

Clustaar ConsultationHow much is a keyword worth to your website? Keywords are essential for every business’ website as they drive targeted web traffic to your business for free. Using the right keywords can skyrocket your sales success online. They are the link between what individuals search for and the information you provide to fill that need.

Think about it – How many times a day do you ask Google a general question or look for a business type? This is much more common than using an exact business name or URL.

Why should I research keywords?

In choosing a keyword for your business, it is important to put some time into researching keywords. The difference between a website that gets tons of organic searches and one that gets none is in the keywords that you use. However, optimizing your website for searches is definitely not as simple as picking a few keywords to target and stuffing your pages with them.

Creating compelling content is about providing real value for real people, not just sending hints to our robot friends at Google. Overall, keyword research and development results in finalizing keywords that target your business’ needs and specific goals.

By using effective keyword research tools, you can determine a popular and profitable niche, find related markets, rank well in search engines for specific topics to drive traffic to your site, and promote your products and/or services by enhancing your marketing effectiveness. By finding out what people are searching for, you put yourself in a strong position to help them achieve their goals as well as yours.

Ask these questions to determine a solid keyword:

  • Are my keywords targeting what people are searching for?
  • Will people who find my site using these keywords find the answers to their questions?
  • Are people searching for these terms the ones I visiting my site? Are they likely to be customers?

Putting some thought into targeted keywords for your website is an investment worth making. With tools and keyword analysis experts available, it will be easy for you to think of ways to use targeted keywords to get qualified leads to your website’s pages.

Want help finding the right keywords? Contact us about using Clustaar keyword analysis to determine your audience's searches, the keywords your competitors use, and where you can improve your traffic. 

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